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InfoClin presenting at ITCH 2017 Conference

University of Victoria

InfoClin is presenting at the ITCH 2017 Conference at the University of Victoria from Feb 16-20 in Victoria, BC. InfoClin had 5 papers and a poster accepted for presentation and publication. Come learn more about our research in a lovely setting. Our papers cover the following topics:

1. A review of over 200 diabetes mobile apps --which ones work and which ones don't? Can we make them more effective?

2. An IT architecture that supports best practices in the management of High Needs, High Cost patients. It is possible to improve care while decreasing costs and increasing sustainability.

3. What is the cost of data quality? Asking doctors to use pull down menus may give us better quality data, but at what cost? We tell you and then propose alternatives that are much cheaper and faster to execute.

4. What can we learn from Amazon for health care? Lots, it turns out. Clinical decision support does not travel well beyond the place where it is developed. But Amazon helps purchasers around the world make better purchasing decisions. Come learn how.

5. What does the future of electronic medical records look like? We tested a prototype multi-disease management form with physicians, nurses and quality improvement specialists. It is possible to improve the care of patients with multiple chronic diseases.

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