Our Team

Karim Keshavjee
karim @ infoclin.ca


Dr. Karim Keshavjee is a Family Physician with a part-time practice and a full-time health informatics consultancy practice. He spent five years in the pharmaceutical industry managing clinical trials and managing an electronic drug utilization project. He was the Clinician-Project Director for the COMPETE series of research studies. The COMPETE research program studies the impact of e-health technologies on the management of patients with diabetes and vascular disease.

Dr. Keshavjee was the physician subject matter expert to Canada Health Infoway for the pan-Canadian electronic prescribing project (CeRx) and the inter-operable electronic health record (iEHR) project. He was also the physician subject matter expert for the EHR Blueprint 2015 project which updated the EHR architecture to accommodate the consumer health record and other recent innovations in e-health.

Dr. Keshavjee is currently the Research Data Architect and EMR Consultant for Canada's Chronic Disease Surveillance Network (www.cpcssn.ca).  He designed the system which currently extracts primary care data from 10 different EMRs from the offices of over 350 physicians from across Canada.  The CPCSSN database currently holds anonymized data on over 350,000 patients.

Dr. Keshavjee is an associate member of the Centre for Evaluation of Medicines, a think-tank and research institute which takes an interdisciplinary approach to use of medications in the community setting. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Victoria and is vice-chair of the Advisory Board for the McMaster program in e-Health.

Since 1996, Dr. Keshavjee has conducted numerous continuing medical education accredited seminars attended by over 700 physicians from across North America. Topics include Best Practices in EMR selection, Best Practices in EMR implementation and Best Practices in Information Management in EMR. He has also co-authored several papers on best practices in electronic medical record implementation.

Dr. Keshavjee has done design work on several clinical decision support systems and has extensive experience in converting human readable guidelines into computable guidelines to provide patient-tailored advice to providers and patients.

Dr. Keshavjee completed his MBA at the Rotman School of Business in 2004 in technology commercialization, Dr. Keshavjee is an experienced primary care health informaticist who consults to a wide variety of organizations on change management, information management and chronic disease management in EMRs in primary care, including several Family Health Teams, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, a variety of EMR vendors and Canada Health Infoway. Dr. Keshavjee has received the CPHIMS certification.


Paul Aiello
paul @ infoclin.ca

Paul has over 17 years experience in healthcare, developing patient education programs for patients and training programs for healthcare providers.

Paul has been working with InfoClin for over 6 years where his role is in operations, project management, business development, customer relations, sales and marketing. Paul has been instrumental in introducing eHealth programs to the pharmaceutical industry including CME programs and expanding InfoClin's services.

As the founder of HEAT Inc. (formerly MAVC Group), Paul has worked with leading Nursing Faculties including The University of Indiana and The University of Calgary to develop over 20 nurse education programs. These programs along with hundreds of other licensed programs have been sold through direct mail and now through HEAT Inc's ecommerce website to a network of nursing schools and health organizations throughout the world. 

Paul has developed unique programs for major pharmacy chains such as the Diabetes Foot Screening Clinics for Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart's Diabetes Counseling program in French and English which is used nationwide. Paul also works with major pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer to develop innovative programs such as the Pharmacy Technician eLearning platform www.bayereducation.ca with 6 custom courses.

Paul is the Co-Founder and President of The Board of CAVE www.communitycave.com which also oversees the Laser Eagles Art Guild www.lasereagles.net . CAVE was founded 6 years ago and is a registered charity. Paul has also coached various sports teams, was on The Board at The Gatehouse www.thegatehouse.org , has worked with Caritas Community Against Drugs for over 20 Years and has been involved in numerous, community and school organizations. Paul has received a number of awards including the Distinguished Community Capacity Builder Award from the Government of Ontario.

Karim Vassanji
Health Informatics Associate
kvassanji @ infoclin.ca


Dr. Karim Vassanji is an experienced health professional with a proven track in managing healthcare organizations in both private and public sectors with a special interest in process design and clinical architecture.

Dr. Vassanjis clinical background as a dentist both in the United Kingdom and Portugal has provided him with the necessary skills to understand information requirements in the healthcare setting and the ability to integrate information technologies for the betterment of the care provided while avoiding disruptions to existing workflows.

Dr. Vassanji is currently working with InfoClin as a Health Informatics Associate where he is actively enrolled as a business analyst and clinical architect in projects ranging from Electronic Medical Records integration to data extraction and analytics. His software and systems designing skills have been key in areas such as computable clinical guideline development in the areas of diabetes, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Academically Dr. Vassanji holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Health Services Management from ISCTE Business School (Lisbon, Portugal) where he was also awarded with the Top Executive Master award in 2009. He also holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from ISCSEM (Portugal).


Sue Troyan
Health Informatics Associate
@ infoclin.ca

Sue has over 15 years of experience in managing EHR|EMR related clinical trials.  She has implemented clinical decision support tools into EMRs and managed randomized controlled trials to evaluate their effectiveness.  She has helped many practices improve their administrative and clinical efficiency to support improved patient care.

Sue previously held positions at McMaster University, where she conducted randomized clinical trials and participated in furthering the goals of evidence-based medicine.