InfoClin and CanadianEMR Partner to Create EMR Selection Site for Canadian Physicians

30th April 2007-

InfoClin and CanadianEMR ( have joined forces to create a new website for Canadian physicians.  This unique site will assist physicians in selecting an electronic medical record for their practice.  Physicians have difficulty finding credible information to allow them to compare electronic medical record systems.  This leads to long search times for physicians and long sales cycles for vendors. 
InfoClin is bringing its unique know-how of primary care and information technology to this project.  The main design work for the new site was provided by InfoClin.
CanadianEMR is the premier site for credible news and information on electronic medical records for physicians.  CanadianEMR provides an interactive forum for physicians to share their experiences and knowledge of EMR with each other.
The CanadianEMR EMR Comparison and 5-star rating program will allow physicians to get access to clear and comparable information from vendors and fellow physicians who have implemented EMRs in their practices.  The EMR comparison site will allow physicians to find EMRs that fit their practice profile and their personal interests.  The intended outcome is to speed up the search for EMRs and increase the success of EMR implementations by ensuring physicians get the right EMR for their practice.

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