About Us

About Us:

InfoClin has over 20 years of experience in developing EMR|EHR best practices by working with hundreds of healthcare providers who use EMR|EHR in their practices. Our unique consultative approach teaches healthcare providers how to take advantage of information technology to improve workflow, patient safety and outcomes and practice revenues.

InfoClin specializes in:

  • EMR|EHR Readiness Preparation and Implementation Services
  • Best practices in the use of EMR|EHR
  • Clinical Architectures for Research and Large Scale Clinical Change
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • eHealth Clinical Research- testing new technologies in clinical practice to ensure they meet patient safety and provider productivity goals
  • Pharmaceutical eHealth Consulting and eHealth Physician Access programs- helping pharmaceutical companies and physicians improve patient outcomes in an ethical and transparent manner

InfoClin consults to physicians, major healthcare organizations, associations, universities, pharmaceutical companies and government institutions.

InfoClin's reputation for outstanding consulting services and program development is supported by its research papers and speaking engagements at recognized eHealth conferences and seminars.

InfoClin is committed to helping healthcare providers and patients improve healthcare through better use of information and information technologies.

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